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Principles for Original Technology/Original Products

  1. Use of super header technology to achieve single-micron accuracy.
  2. Use of molding technology to achieve near net shape process capability.
  3. Development of functional products using various molding technology.

Quality Policy

"At Sigma, our mantra is 'customer is number one' and we give quality priority over everything else."
"Our fundamental mission at Sigma is providing customers with the quality they demand, and to accomplish that mission, we aim to earn the trust of our customers as a means to survive in this industry."

Being an independent company also means that we must bear all duties and responsibilities.
It is necessary to devote all our energy to creating a system to guarantee quality.

Environmental Policy

  1. We will measure the effect that our corporate activities have on the environment, establish environmental objectives and goals that will be regularly revised, and institute an environmental management system to achieve continuous improvement and prevent pollution.
  2. We will implement crisis management to deal with emergencies.
  3. The following objectives will be given priority given their environmental impact and measures will be taken in order to enable continuous environmental improvement.
    • - Aim for near net shape forming for efficient use of materials.
    • - Reduce defects in internal and external processes.
    • - Reduce generation of waste and increase recycling rates.
    • - Prevent pollution.
    • - Increase operational efficiency and reduce energy loss.
  4. We will comply with environmental regulations and related requirements.

Contribution towards Society and Environment

  1. As a company thoughtful towards the surrounding people and environment, we plan to contribute attending cultural events and cleaning events.
  2. At our company, we have a system called Sigma Smile Funding Policy. The purpose of this policy is to gather 1% of the net profit to fund activities and organizations which have a positive contribution and outcomes towards the society and surrounding.

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