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Through company operations performed by our employees, Sigma aims to create a corporate community, cultivate persons, perfect technology, and enhance such qualities to become an organization that is essential for society.

Corporate Slogan

Unlimited Potential for People and Technology

Sigma continues to advance as a company with unlimited expansion potential by keeping people in mind and confiding in technology for our future dreams and romantic ideas.
Everyone has goals and searches for a purpose in their lives, such that "self-realization" is the pursuit of a high level "purpose in life" and "spiritual richness". Accordingly, it is a company that provides a common place for persons to achieve such ideas.
It is an era now in which it is important to discover new added value by a change in consciousness, such as through new ideas and concepts, requiring a truly new creativity that embodies both "hard" facets such as science and technology, and "soft" facets such as sensitivity and humanity.

Guiding Principles

  1. Find a way to do something instead of looking for a reason not to do it.
  2. Work with a responsive and alert spirit.
  3. Create a company with good quality and full of character.
  4. Be a company where employees bond with each other and treat each other with humaneness.
  5. Be a company managed by all employees who know the business and know the costs.

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