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Under the Sigma corporate slogan of "Unlimited potential for people and technology," we are continuously striving to create and provide new value.

Toshitaka Shitanaka, President and CEO

New technology comes from people, and such technology allows people to continue to progress even further. Harmony between people and technology provides a company with the power for limitless growth.
Sigma continues to advance forward into the future by keeping people in mind, depending on latest technology for our future dreams, and maintaining our originality.

Up until now, Sigma, as company that aims to be a "Creative Futuristic Company” has created both Plastic Molding and Metal Divisions while developing increasingly sophisticated metal molding technology. In addition to developing and commercializing security products, we continue to advance into future business operations with the use of robots for laser flaw detection devices as a means to resolve issues in our components divisions.

Moving into the future, with the philosophy of "Growing into to a people-based company in future(a company where people of various capabilities gather, and can develop themselves in a lively and brilliant manner)” all of our personnel continue to study with even more dedication in order to provide the technology, products and reliability that will satisfy our customers.

I would like to offer my sincerest gratitude to our customers, suppliers and everyone else connected to Sigma.
We are truly grateful for all your support and guidance for our efforts.
I would like to request you to please continue providing us with such support and guidance as we move forward into the future.

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