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1937 Established at Kegoya street 7-chome (currently Kegoya 3-chome), Kure city.
1947 Became the designated plant of Toyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Mazda Motor Corp.).
1962 Converted into Shitanaka Machine Tool Co., Ltd., a corporation with capital of 5 million yen.
1963 Moved plant to a new location at 9-3-15 Kegoya, Kure city.
1973 Built new plant at 9-2-28 Kegoya, Kure city.
1982 ・ Obtained recognition from Mazda Motor Corp. as a quality manufacturer.
・ Established facility to process gear parts.
1985 Established cold forging (header) plant with advanced cutting equipment for manufacturing automatic transmission gear parts.
1988 ・ Built new plant having plastic molding equipment.
・ Started in-house manufacture of cold-forging dies and plastic-molding dies.
1990 Changed the company name to Sigma Co., Ltd.
1994 Developed and introduced security products. Introduced "Torujyun 1".
1995 Introduced "Torujyun 2" and "Wall gate".
1996 ・ Received recognition from Mazda Motor Corp. as a high-quality manufacturer.
・ Established our Toyokawa Office.
・ Developed and started volume production of hydraulic sensors for automatic transmission systems.
・ Obtained patent on headrest arm.
1997 Received supplier quality system requirement certification from Rockwell (US).
1998 ・ Established SIGMA & HEARTS CO., LTD., a corporate joint venture, in Thailand.
・ Received QS-9000 and ISO-9001 certification.
・Received FSS (Full Service Supplier) certification from Mazda Motor Corp.
・ Start of Center Sales.
1998 ・Established Tokyo Office and Kyushu Office.
・ Introduced Wall Gate (Twin Hunter).
・ Introduced a human traffic measurement system (Frontier 2).
2001 Our plants were recognized by GM
・ Built plant in Tsue, Kurose-cho, Kamo-gun (moved the plastic molding operations to this plant).
・ Recognized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a corporation that initiates next-generation industrial projects.
・ Moved the head office of our security business to Minamimachi in Hiroshima city.
2005 Established a facility for inspection devices using laser light to detect processing flaws.
2006 Recognized as a starter of projects that link different business lines to create new businesses (inspection devices using laser light to detect flaws).
2007 ・ Established SIGMA PRECISE MACHINERY (JIANGSU) CO., LTD. in Danyang, Jiangsu, China
・ Included in the "300 healthy small and medium sized manufacturers - 2007 Edition" published by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
2008 Opened the Osaka Sales Office of Security Division.
2010 Supporting industry
Grant for promoting the practical application of "monozukuri" basic technology.
2012 Commencement of Sales of Laser Flaw/Defect Inspection System
2013 Establishment of Sigma Forging & Forming PVT.,LTD in Tamilnadu State, India
2014 ・Awarded `Top 100 Global Niche Copany in Japan` by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
・Awarded `Excellence of Safety in Workin Environments` by the Hiroshima Laborer Bureau

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